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High quality Mountain Bike Fenders

As a MTB rider myself I was disheartened when trying to obtain a Fender / Mudguard for my own bike. All products were made overseas and in most situations were owned by international companies and their goods are sold or delivered to Australia. We then took it upon ourselves to research the possibility of supplying a %100 Aussie made product onto the market paying particular attention to the “Australian made” ingredient.

A growing market for Australian made fenders

We spoke to many keen participants in the MTB industry and all agreed that our intention had validation in today’s market. From then we knew that we had to invest a lot of time, money and testing into providing a robust product for use all year.

The design process

The design of the product was done by freehand initially, then progressed into computer design. Multiple testing days ensued (no complaints about that) to get the best result for all different riding categories and trail situations. We invited friends to test with different wheel sizes (26, 27.5 and 29inch) and fork lengths / types to ensure the correct fit across the range and finally decided on a product with the best results.

Keeping it %100 Australian owned and operated

Then we made certain the companies we would use to produce and promote the fenders, were %100 Australian owned and began the production process (%100 Australian manufactured).

Email us today for any enquiries about our %100 Aussie owned and manufactured PHATGARD Fenders

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